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See Mike Kuczala’s TED Talk

See Mike Kuczala’s TED Talk

Ever wanted to see a glimpse of a TCNJ-RTC course in action? Mike Kuczala, an instructor for the program, led a TEDx talk about kinesthetic movement in the K-12 classroom.

EDIN-553: The Kinesthetic Classroom is a course in the optional Teaching Strategies Concentration as part of our Master of Education, Educational Leadership: Instruction program. Topics include implicit learning, why movement enhances the learning process, class cohesion activities, attaching kinesthetic activities to content, brain breaks, energizers and movement-oriented content games. By using movement, academic standards can be met, test scores can be improved and important life skills can be developed.

See for yourself:

Mike serves as Director of Instruction for the Regional Training Center and is President of Kuczala Consulting.

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