Research Course Readings

EDUC601 Pre-assignment

P- Changes that Matter middle school science

P- Because you like us – The language of control

P- Was the American Revolution Completed Before the War began_

P- Learning from Laramie-Urban High School Students Read and Act The Laramie Project

P- Student and Teacher Co-Researchers-Ten Years Later

P- The First Day of School-A Reflective Narrative

P- Choices and Voices in 7th grade students and writing

P- Disasters and Metacognition in 7th grade Society and Environment

P- I Dont Want To Be Here

P- I need people Storytelling in a 2nd grade classroom

P- In Search of an Honest Response Shared writing in 3rd grade

P- In Search Of An Honest Response

P- Look Karen Im running like Jello

P- Mainstreaming And Culture

P- Making Connections Between Families And School

P- Reading Storybooks

P- Teaching For Understanding

P- What Is It About Homework

R- Action Research for Teachers

R- Can a White Male Teacher Successfully Connect

R- Evoking the Spirit Palmer

R- Listening To Children

R- Mary Burchenal Speech

R- Practioners Voices

R- Uncertainties Of Teaching

R- Whats Real About Imagination

R- Creating Equitable Classrooms Ch 1

N- Ch 3 “Been There, Done That:” Student Inquiry About HS Dropouts

N- Ch 4 What Strategies Can I Incorporate So That The English Language Learners in My Classroom Will Better Understand Oral Directions?

N- Ch 5 Understanding HS Black Male Students’ Achievement and School Experience

N- Ch 6 What Teacher Behaviors Encourage One At-Risk African American Boy to Be a Productive Member of our Classroom Community

N- Ch 7 “But Then It Got Real” : Increasing engagement at an alternative HS

N- Ch 8 We want to work with our friends: English Language Learners

N- Ch 9 “Ribbons, Racism, and a Placenta” : The Challenges and Surprises in Cultrually Relevant Teaching

N- Ch 10 Conclusions on Using A Constructivist Approach in a Heterogeneous Classroom

N- Ch 11 Using African American Students’ Preference for Working in Self-Selected Partnerships to Promote Math Achievement

N- Ch 12 Crossing Bridges at Culture, Color, and Language

E- Neilsen To be a good teacher

E- Teachers as Researchers 601